Ensuring that our clients thoroughly enjoy their Cultured experience is important to us. Below are a few testimonials. 

The Cultured Experience is AMAZING. This summer, a friend and I wanted to plan a celebratory graduation trip to Europe for 12-15 days, but we had no idea where to begin since we’d both traveled very little before. We gave Erin the names of a few cities and countries we wanted to visit, our general interests, and an estimate of how much we wanted to spend, and she planned the ENTIRE trip for us. For just a small fee, she created an itemized budget for us, found reasonable flights, and created an itinerary for EVERY single day of the trip based on our interests, her recommendations, and others’ reviews. This made the trip so much more fun, well-organized, and incredible than we could’ve ever anticipated. On top of that, she sent us a few packing tips and reminders before our trip, and even wished us well on our journey the morning of our first flight! Erin is one of the most kind people I’ve ever met, and we will most definitely be planning many more trips with The Cultured Experience in the future!
— Katie Harris
Erin was very helpful in planning my first anniversary vacation. My husband and I knew that we wanted to go to Paris, but we had no clue of what we wanted to do while there. Luckily, Erin provided us with an entire list of activities to do while in Paris with corresponding links and prices. Even while in Paris, Erin worked effortlessly to help us secure travel arrangements. My husband is such a picky traveler, but Erin was very patient with us when looking for a place to stay. She gave us a list of hotels and Airbnb options that worked within our budget. If you’re looking to travel without having the stress of researching lodging and activities, Erin and The Cultured Experience is the way to go!
— Tasha & Justin Butler
I can’t speak highly enough of Erin and the team at Cultured for planning a fabulous trip to Dubai for my friends and me. We really wanted to immerse ourselves in the local culture while taking in all that Dubai had to offer. Erin and her team consulted us in the beginning to best understand our interests and then put together an awesome itinerary. From riding ATVs in the desert to eating the world’s best brunch at the Atlantis hotel and then yachting in the Persian gulf, Erin’s itinerary for our group could not have been better. The best part about it is that Erin coordinated everything. All we had to do was just show up. I can’t wait to work with Erin again as she plans my honeymoon. If you’re looking for a travel expert who will truly get to know you and put together an experience that will exceed your expectations, then Cultured is the right travel experience agency for you!
— Jonathan King
Erin did an absolutely amazing job planning our trip to Greece! I had very little time to put into planning this trip and she pulled it together seamlessly. Erin provided lodging options in a succinct manner so that I could quickly browse through the options to choose my favorite. She also made a full itinerary that contained every detail of the trip, including flight information. Our activities were planned upon arrival as well. Erin was conscious of our budget while still incorporating everything I wanted to do during the trip. It is always a pleasure working with Erin and I would recommend her to anyone!
— Danae Robinson
Nothing short of perfect, Erin is an amazing planner. She took her time to plan our whole trip for every hour of the trip while also annotating all of our expenses and events prior to our trip. She is a beyond friendly and also veracious individual when it comes to planning to ensure that she meets her customer’s need. She is really flexible and reasonable when it comes to planning as many events as possible, but also staying within a certain budget. In summary, Erin is an amazing planner and I would definitely recommend and use her on all of my future trips.
— Mohammed Saibu
What an amazing, stress free trip to Greece! All aspects of this vacation were easy going and convenient. All I had to do was literally pack and go. Everything was already set up for us from itineraries to transportation. You’ve found a loyal client for sure #livefortheculture!
— Shanae Williams
Erin did a great job planning our trip to Costa Rica. It was very organized and well planned out. She also provided us with extensive detail on what exactly we were paying for and there were no hidden surprises. She also helped to negotiate prices on some of the excursions we went on. She is very prompt with responding to emails and was a joy to work with. I would definitely recommend Erin to plan my next trip!
— Symphony Knight
I have been fortunate enough to experience 2 trips (Costa Rica and Colorado) that were fully planned and executed by Erin. Both trips were planned 100% by Erin and literally the only thing I had to do was pay my money and show up for my flight. Erin is very detailed oriented and can easily translate all of your vacation needs into a trip with an itinerary that includes everything you need, such as arrival time at the airport, list of activities for the trip, & restaurant options and even social events. As I am extremely picky when it comes to hotel/lodging options when traveling, Erin has “hit the nail on the head” every single time when it comes to delivering lodging options. If you are looking to take a vacation and you don’t want the stress of planning it, Erin is your girl. She will plan a trip that fits your needs, wants, and most importantly, your budget.
— Artashia Johnson

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